A python advanced geostatistical toolbox based on BMELIB.

This project is an exact translation of the Matlab® toolbox BMELIB. BMELIB is a Software for Advanced Geostatistics Functions of Temporal GIS and Space/Time Data Assimilation.

The translation work has really started in September 2004.  We are working on BMElib 2.0b.

BMELIBpy is developed using Python 2.3, Scipy 0.3.x, f2py 2.3 and Matplotlib 0.60.

Only CVS packages are available for download ! You may also download the latest CVS version.

NEWS :  May 2005 - genlib has been completely translated and approved by Dimitri D'Or.

Have a look at the BMELibpy sourceforge website for any details about the BMELibpy project.  

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